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The CHINOOK 200 Wind Turbine

Chinook 200 Watt, 24 volt wind turbine


Something new is blowing in the windÖ.our popular 200W CHINOOK Wind Turbines were discontinued a while back, but they are once again in production, and are available for $849 plus shipping. This is available as a 12V, 24V and now 48V battery charging model, and it comes with its own controller. The Chinook folks are in corroboration with Midnite Solar, and a 500W and 1 KW model should be available in the future (hopefully by spring of 2018?) as a 12, 24 or 48V battery charging model OR straight grid-tie (with no batteries). We really donít have much information on the larger wind gennies at this point; they are still in the testing phase. As soon as these become available we will be offering them. Stay tuned for more information!

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