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The first and last wind turbine you will need to install at your high wind site!

The product below is no longer available as Lambda has gone out of business.


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  • Military grade
  • Designed for high wind energy and extreme sites
  • One meter rotor diameter
  • 400 watt top output
  • Tail and blades install in seconds
  • Ultra strong yaw assembly with unique floating slip rings for reliability
  • Sealed aluminum chassis with all stainless hardware.
  • Super smooth and quiet operation
  • Jet black for low visibility.

These units are available in 12V or 24V configuration (so be sure to specify at the time of ordering); they come with a rectifier to be able to be wired direct to your battery bank, but you will need a dump load controller to regulate voltage. We suggest Morningstar's Tristar 45 at a cost of $170 (with digital meter, an additional $99; remote digital meter, $129). And a dump load air heater is available for $249, but you can use any DC load (around 15 to 20A DC) to divert excess power from your batteries as needed.

Comes with a multi-voltage MPPT controller and microprocessor controlled protection system. Not pretty - - built for ruggedness and durability, for 12V or 24V battery charging. Designed, machined and assembled in the USA! Made to withstand Montana’s harshest weather & wind extremes.

Cost is $2800 plus shipping.



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